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Ntize is your number one stop for gaming and home entertainment. Playstation 3 tracker is a product of Ntize always trying to keep you with the best in gaming and home entertainment. This site provides you with up to date and quick access to the latest sites selling Playstation 3 and PS3 consoles. You can also find PS3 Games, and PS3 Accessories here as well by going to the Games section.

PS 3 Launch Date is officially November 17th. There will also be Playstation 3's available that you can buy directly from Playstation 3 Tracker.com in 3 weeks. Notices will be posted for the exact dates shortly.


The PLAYSTATION®3 system will be available in North America (U.S. and Canada) on November 17, 2006 You can find all PLAYSTATION 3 Information Here at PLAYSTATION 3 US

For any other Sony or PLAYSTATION related news, games, videos, upcoming events, feel free to go to the Playstation Official Website.

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